How It Began

Despite my initial desire to pursue studies in Archaeology, the objection of my grandfather, and founder of our family business, assuming that I would die penniless under a bridge if I would do so, as well as my father’s statement that the generosity of his pocket would not exceed my 20th birthday, convinced me to compromise: eventually, they allowed me to become involved in the family business, while also letting me follow and supporting...


Growing up in an environment where networking and establishing contacts of substance was on the daily agenda, bringing friends and interesting people together who share similar entrepreneurial visions and values always was, and still is, a challenge! It is indeed a pleasure seeing some very successful collaborations and partnerships being established as a result, both in Cyprus and abroad.


Land acquisitions with an investment potential have always intrigued me, enriching my investment portfolio and regularly bringing my wife on the verge of divorcing me! Selected plots are strategically located in the outskirts of Limassol, offering by size and position a variety of options to the interested Investor.


The compromise I accepted with the heads of my family some 30 years ago, offered the means to develop my historical studies, as well as enabling me to amass a collection of antiquarian books, manuscripts, maps, engravings and paintings spanning over a period of more than four centuries.

As a result, today I may assume, possessing, both in terms of volume and importance, one of the most interesting...


Gregory Afxentiou 76,
4529 Pyrgos, Limassol, Cyrpus

P.O Box 54579, 3725,
Limassol, Cyprus

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